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How Affirmation Works

Join a community of diverse engineering talent, get personalized mentorship, and accelerate your career through leadership training.

stage one

Evaluate career stage and Experience level

The first stage to improvement is understanding where you currently stand. We’ll collect information through a variety of no-pressure interviews and coding assessments to understand how we can best help you. This information and associated records will remain confidential throughout your time in Affirmation.

stage two

Personalized Roadmap for Improvement

Engineering Skills

Comprehensive guidance for identifying and addressing skill gaps necessary for advancement.

Networking Tips

Simple strategies to improve your ability to connect with peers and build a professional network.

Resume Help

Consultative sessions to reframe your experience in the best light for engineering leadership.

Mock Interviews

Practice interview sessions to increase comfort and make optimized answers second nature.

Community Engagment

Community events that facilitate introductions and foster community support among fellows.

Personal Branding

Strategize and develop resources that build your leadership value in the current job market.

stage three

Targeted Referrals

Personalized direct referrals to open positions at top companies in Silicon Valley. For most companies, referrals will come with a guide to that companies interview process and candidate priorities. Affirmation ensures that all candidates are a good fit for open positions before making references.

our Fellows Land jobs at top companies

stage four


Community Forum

Interact and learn from peers while discussing the latest developments and challenges in your career journeys.

Networking Events

Meet like minded peers within the Affirmation network and outside of it on a regular basis.

Group Practice

Regular sessions to practice interviewing and other soft skills. Receive helpful feedback from mentors and peers.

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