We're more than engineers is building the next generation of technical leadership by investing in talented candidates with diverse backgrounds.


Affirmation helps engineers unlock their career potential is an invite-only community and fellowship for talented engineers from diverse backgrounds. We’re building the next generation of engineering leadership to be more creative and innovative by elevating underrepresented personal and professional backgrounds.

Affirmation fellows gain access to a variety of services and resources designed to elevate their career. These include mentorship, training, networking, and personalized referrals to top companies.

Our Principles


Knowledge is a Journey

Even the most senior engineers must constantly study to keep up with new development techniques. We teach how to learn effectively and continuously.


Growth is a Collaborative Process

Engineers work better together, both in software development and career development. We facilitate connections that lead to new friends, jobs, and more.


Change happens for the bold

Good things don't come to those who wait, and career development doesn't happen on it's own. We encourage engineers to be bold with new opportunities and technologies.

Our Program

Build a powerful career with the guidance of mentors and the support of peers


Training, mentorship, and more from a variety of engineering leaders from Silicon Valley's top companies.


Access to an invite-only platform, bi-weekly events, and personally-tailored introductions to peers and mentors.

our Fellows Land jobs at top companies


Software Engineer (IC2), Dropbox

“The mentors and community were with my every step of the way in my search for a new role. It really paid off and now I have a great position with a phenomenal comp package.”


Software Engineer (IC-2), Oracle

“Before Affirmation: Major imposter syndrome and wondering if I made the right choice to change careers.

After Affirmation: New friends, a new position, and new confidence in myself.”


Software Engineer (L3), Snap

“Applying was the best decision I ever made. I seriously think this is the future of how people build careers, why are more people not working together to support eachother like this?”


Software Engineer (SDE 1), Amazon

“This is the first time I’ve really felt like a community has lived up to it’s promises. The other fellows are brilliant people that I am glad to call my friends. As of a week ago some are my coworkers!”


Software Engineer (G6), Intel

“I really felt stuck before I got the acceptance email. Then my life really went into third gear, and things changed FAST. But for the better, I’m so much happier in my new role.”


Software Engineer (L3), Nike

I’m decently well networked in tech, but joined on the advice of a former coworker. Affirmation opened me up to a new set of amazing people I will endorse, be friends with, and follow for life.

our mentors

Mentorship from the top engineers in silicon valley

Common Questions

Affirmation is designed for new engineers that come from diverse backgrounds. We interpret diversity in a number of different ways, including education, career, ethnicity, and more. Accepted applicants generally have 1-3 yearof experience in software engineering.

Affirmation is an entirely remote program. All mentoring, sponsored events, and other meetings take place over Zoom. 

No, Affirmation is not a bootcamp program. While many participants improve their engineering skills during the program, it is not the primary goal of Affirmation, and we do not directly train for those skills. Affirmation participants are expected to already have a base level of engineering skills upon admittance to the program.

Affirmation is focused on training engineers to develop leadership and career skills. This can include negotiation, public speaking, communications, personal branding, and more. Affirmation focuses on skills required to move into leadership positions at top companies in silicon valley.

Affirmation does not run in cohorts or sequential classes. Affirmation treats learning as an ongoing process and focuses on individual needs rather than a rigid curriculum. There is no end date to Affirmation, and there is no fixed length to the program or services.

The Affirmation program and related services are offered at no cost to participants. The program is funded by Affirmation’s corporate sponsors who believe in our mission of increasing diversity in engineering leadership. Affirmation may additionally receive funding as a result of placing candidates in engineering positions.

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