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Fellowship tiers that match your needs and career stage. Simply join the Affirmation network or participate in the full program. No matter the fellowship tier, we look for fellows that are highly intelligent, driven workers, and come from diverse backgrounds.

$ 1
avg comp increase

tier one

The full affirmation fellowship program

Our marquee program for building the next generation of engineering leadership. Tier one candidates are invited to participate in the full program at no cost, and receive all benefits, including access to the Affirmation community.

tier two

Efficient Placement

Our most expedient program, meant for engineers who just need a leg-up in the application process, but don’t find value in community. This fellowship tier can be completed in less than a quarter and is a fast way to make a positive move in an engineer’s career path.

tier three

Verification of Skills

Simple verification of skills provided by our proprietary evaluation process. The tier three process can be completed in as little as two weeks and provides a certificate upon completion.

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Let's optimize your career

We’re accepting new applicants from diverse backgrounds, with 1-3 years of engineering experience. Apply through the form linked to below.

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