our mission

We started Affirmation to find and invest in the next generation of software engineering leadership. We believe that their perspectives are vital for growth, and exclusively focus on candidates with diverse backgrounds.

Our Principles


Knowledge is a Journey

Even the most senior engineers must constantly study to keep up with new development techniques. We teach how to learn effectively and continuously.


Growth is a Collaborative Process

Engineers work better together, both in software development and career development. We facilitate connections that lead to new friends, jobs, and more.


Change happens for the bold

Good things don't come to those who wait, and career development doesn't happen on it's own. We encourage engineers to be bold with new opportunities and technologies.

Who we are

We’re a rapidly growing team of engineers and recruiters with a shared vision for the future. We believe that the next wave of innovation will be powered by engineers with new ideas and perspectives.

Founded in 2020, Affirmation has grown from a small team of part time founders into a large organization with reach into the top companies in Silicon Valley. We’re always looking for new talent that believes in our mission statement. If you’re interested in joining the team, take a look at our open job postings below.

Our Team

Melanie Lu

Co-Founder / CEO

Sebastian Jung

Co-Founder / CTO

Patricia Bowens

Fellowship Recruiting

Thomas Brauer

Corporate Partnerships

Mauricio Fennell

Engineering Instruction

Michelle Pollard

Career Coach​ing

Patrick Kennedy

Career Coach​ing

Michelle Singh

Fellow Placement

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