Meet our newest fellows

Please join us in welcoming our new set of fellows to the Affirmation fellowship. We’re incredibly excited to have them in our community, and can’t wait to see them grow as engineering leaders.

Founder's Note

This is an exciting time for our program, and I couldn’t be happier to see these new fellows join our community. Favio, Daria, Soma, and Ellis immediately caught my attention among our pool of applicants, and proved themselves extremely capable during our technical assessment.

I’m so excited to see what they bring to our community, and to watch them grow as engineering leaders. They’re smart, capable, and motivated to make a positive change in their organizations.

Favio Miramontes




✔ javascript

✔ Entrepreneurship

✔ Wealth Management

✔ finance

✔ project management

Favio is a front end developer from Morelia in Michoacan, Mexico. Favio has a degree in finance, and previously held a career in wealth management at a large multinational bank. Favio is fluent in English, Spanish, and is currently learning to speak German. Favio currently lives in Chicago with his partner and two miniature poodles.

Favio is a self-taught developer with experience building both mobile and web-apps for clients as a freelancer over the past four years. Favio is experienced in Ember, React Native, and Angular. Favio passed our engineering assessment, and particularly impressed the selection committee with his experience as a self-starter.

Favio will be a welcome addition to the Affirmation community, and we’re confident he’ll apply his self starter skills to any engineering leadership position. We’re excited to have the opportunity to help him grow in his career, and find a new position where he can apply his skills at a high level.

Daria Bowlan

✔ Javascript

✔ python

✔ node.js

✔ react

✔ Vue

✔ Accounting

✔ html

✔ css


✔ International relations

Daria is a full stack developer, originally from Siberia. She graduated from UCLA Extension Coding Bootcamp and has a background in Business management and Accounting. Daria is fluent in Russian, English, Chinese, and Buryat.”

Daria currently works as a front end developer, building location analytics products for She is proficient in a variety of languages, including Javascript, Python, Node.js, React, and Vue. Daria has been an engineer for three years, after graduating from the full-stack development program at UCLA extension. She passed our engineering assessment with excellence, and particularly impressed the selection committee with her algorithmic skills.

We’re excited to have Daria as a member of the Affirmation community, and we’re even more excited to help her engineering career journey. Daria has a strong future as an engineering leader, and will bring a unique perspective to any company she works with.

Somadina Ikenna

✔ ruby

✔ python

✔ Aws

✔ php

✔ biomedical engineering

✔ devops

✔ javascript

✔ node.js

✔ data structures

✔ version control systems

Soma is a backend engineer from Seattle, Washington with a degree in biomedical engineering from UC Berkely. Prior to being an engineer, Soma worked as a biomedical technician for a series of pharmaceutical research laboratories.

Soma graduated from the CalTech CTME Online Bootcamp program and has spent the last four years working in various technical positions at small startups in the Bay Area. She recently switched from focusing on front end to back end, and has been enjoying her new direction. Soma passed our engineering assessment with excellence, and particularly impressed the selection committee with her analytical approach to problem solving.

We’re excited to welcome Soma to the community. 

Ellis Troy

✔ html

✔ css

✔ javascript

✔ ruby

✔ react

✔ sketch

✔ graphic design

✔ user experience

✔ user testing

Ellis is a front end developer and UX designer from Bryson City, South Carolina, a small town of 1,400 people in the Appalachian Mountains. Ellis attended the Coding Dojo online bootcamp for front end development, and General Assembly for User Experience Design. Prior to becoming an engineer, Ellis worked as a graphic designer at a local screen-printing shop.

Ellis is also the creator behind a number of popular web apps, with a total of over 20,000 monthly users. These include a domain search tool, a fitness app, a lightweight CRM, and a route planner for hiking the Appalachian Trail. Ellis passed the technical assessment and impressed the selection committee with the breadth of his software development and product skills.

We’re excited to welcome Ellis to the fellowship, and are confident he’ll be an impactful engineering leader and community member.

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